Rochdale is situated about 12 miles north of the Centre of Manchester and is on the edge of the picturesque Pennine Hills. It was the birth place of the Co-operative Movement in 1844 and was known world wide as a town for weaving cotton.
Rochdale today has much to attract both visitors and people living in the area: History, Commerce, Industry, The Hills and Countryside and Tourism.
This site is intended to give the new viewer an idea of Rochdale and to bring back memories to "ex-pats". Since my site was put on the internet I have received many comments and emails from ex-pats all over the world. This has given me much pleasure and encouragement. Please keep them coming.
As an enthusiastic photographer living in Rochdale I am always interested to hear from "ex-pats" as to what photographs and text they would like to see on these pages.
Rochdale Town Hall

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