Walk Sunday 23 November 2003

Walkers from Sacred Heart Church Rochdale

We shared this ramble with St Joseph's Todmorden - hopefully the first of many

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These Rambles are organised by Sacred Heart Church, Rochdale. They usually occur on the third Sunday of the month, but this may vary. If you are interested to find out more, please use this link to the Sacred Heart Church Website for details of the next ramble. The Church newsletter a week or two prior to the ramble carries all the details.

Setting out from St. Joseph's Todmorden
Along to Rochdale Canal to Gauxholme
The walkers from St. Joseph's Todmorden joined us for this month's ramble.
Climbing out of the valley toward Law Hey and Gal Way.
Mist over Todmorden
Looking down on the canal and railway line.

The Tops on the Pack Horse route..
Still climbing
Which way?
Lunch Stop
Our Leader

Lost? In thought?