As the Kingsway Business Park develops it is intended to show photographs of the progress,on these pages, from start to completion.

The photographs in this web site are a small part of a large collection which has been taken in the Rochdale area, over the last twenty years.

The new buildings on the Kingsway Business Park.

Photo September 2008

The first new building on the Kingsway Business Park to be occupied.

Photo September 2008

The official opening of Sir Isaac Newton Way.The main road through the Kingsway Business Park from the Kingsway to the M62 at Milnrow. This ceremony tok place on Friday 30 November 2007
Sir Isaac Newton Way at the Kingsway junction open to traffic on Sunday 2 December 2007.

Sir Isaac Newton Way was formerly known as Betty Nuppy's Lane.

The Kingsway Junction November 2004
The Kingsway entrance to Kingsway Business Park. As it was in July 1999.

The road sign below the sign for Bill and Ben's on the origonal photograph reads 'Betty Nuppy's Lane.'

July 1999

The Rochdale Canal on the northern edge of the Business Park from the Kingsway Road Bridge. November 2004

The above two panoramic photographs are taken on Betty Nuppy's Lane looking north towards Kingsway. 22 Jan 2005

Nov 2005

The artifical drainage lake being used by birds.

22 Jan 2005

Moor Bank Lane taken from Lower Lane, opposite the British Vita Factory

22 Jan 2005

The entrance to Stanney Brook Park. Lower Lane

22 Jan 2005

The opposite side of the road to the entrance to Stanney Brook Park. Lower Lane

2 Feb 2005

Moor Bank Farm. Taken from the Bridge over the M62

2 Feb 2005

Moor Bank Farm. Front Door