Pubs in Rochdale past and present

Oldham Road and Area

Travelling from Oldham to Rochdale the first pub along the Oldham Road Rochdale is The Royal Hotel. The pubs are then listed as they occur travelling to the centre of Rochdale.
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Last up date:- March 2015

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Rising Sun
863 Oldham Rd, Rochdale. OL16 4RY (once stood here)
About 150yds above the Yew Tree on the opposite side of road.
Photo taken Feb 2015. Pub demolished. Closed 1930's
Last Licensse Walter Sutcliffe
The Yew Tree
Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL11 2AZ
Photograph July 2012. Sam Smiths Beer.
The Royal Hotel
452 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL11 2AT
Pub closed.. Photograph July 2012
The Dog and Partridge
370 Oldham Road, Rochdale.
Recorded on a 1908 Map. Photograph July 2012
Beer formally Duttons then Whitbread
The Jolly Gardener
362 Oldham Road, Rohdale
Closed many years ago.Photograph December 2013
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The Bulls Head Hotel
591 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 4SU
Closed many years ago. Recorded on a Map dated 1908.
Photograph July 2012
The Bridge Inn
320 Oldham Road, Rochdale.
Pub closed many years ago Photograph July 2012

The next three Pubs are on Broad Lane off the Oldham Road

Fair View Inn
78 Broad Lane, Burnage, Rochdale. OL16 4QQ
Pub Open. Photograph July 2012
The Spring Inn
Broad Lane, Rochdale. OL16 4PR
Pub Open. Photograph August 2012
The Craven Heifer Tavern
7 Broad Lane, Rochdale. OL16 4PG
Pub Closed. Photograph August 2012

Returning to the Oldham Road

The Plough
475 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 4TD
Pub Open. Photograph January 2003
The Bay Horse
260 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL11 2ER
Sam Smiths Brewery. Pub Open. Photograph January 2003
Carters Arms
425 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 4SZ
Photograph Feb 2014. The pub once stood here.
The White Lion
407 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 4SZ
Photograph August 2012. The pub once stood here on the corner of the
Oldham Road and Kingsway.      Pub on 1845 map.

The next six Pubs are just off the Oldam Road at the junction with Kingsway and Queensway

Kingsway Hotel
125 Kingsway, Rochdale. OL16 5HS
Photograph August 2012. Sam Smiths Brewery. Pub Open.
The Hornet
Michael Faraday Avenue, off Sir Isaac Newton Way, Rochdale.
OL16 4AN
NEW PUB! Opened 10 March 2014
Photo taken 9 March 2014. Pub Open.
Jolly Gardener
82 Platting Lane, Rochdale
Photo January 2014. Pub once stood here on the left.
The Bridge Inn
Calf Hey, Rochdale. OL11 2JS
Photograph January 2003. Pub Open
Wellfield Inn
20 Wellfield Street, Rochdale. OL11 1AW
Photograph January 2003. The pub demolished
Balderstone Club
Harvard Street, Rochdale. OL11 2HA
Photograph August 2012
Horse and Jockey
1-3 Well'I'th'Lane, Rochdale.OL11 1AU
Photograph July 2012. Pub on 1908 map. Pub Open

Returning to the Oldham Road

Lowerplace Liberal Club
389 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 5LN
Photograph August 2012. Pub Open
Wellfield Working Mens Club more
1 Prince Street, Rochdale. OL16 5LL
Photograph August 2012. Club on 1908 Map. Club Open
The Lincoln Inn
309 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 5JG
Photograph August 2012. Pub on 1908 Map. Pub closed 13 May 2013
Beer was Oldham Ales
Prince Albert
104 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL11 1AD
Photograph May 2012. Recent closure of this Pub 17 July 2012
The Dusty Miller
82 Oldham Road, Rochdale.
Once stood here. Demolished 1961
Photo taken February 2014. Norwich mill in background.
Bishop Blaise more
277 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 5RD
Photograph September 1998.  On the 1908 map. Pub now demolished.
Red Rose
122 Durham Street, Rochdale. OL11 1DG
Photograph August 2012. Pub Closed

The next three Pubs are just off the Oldham Road

The Lark Inn
121 Durham Street, Rochdale. OL11 1LS
Photograph August 2012. Pub Closed
Crawford Arms
63 Crawford Street, Rochdale. OL16 5RS
Pub on 1908 map. Photograph August 2012. Pub closed April 2013
Bonnie Dundee
59 Fishwick Street, Rochdale. OL16 5NA
Photograph January 2003. Pub Closed.

Returning to the Oldham Road

The Morning Star
The Pub once stood here.
233 Oldham Road Near Crawford Street and Vincent Street
Photograph April 2013.
Morning Star circa 1880
Photo from Ian Feast.
The Landlord Samuel Holt great grand father of Ian Feast
Dyers Arms
The Pub once stood here on the Landing
143 Oldham Road (Between the rail bridge and Dodgson Street)
Photograph April 2013
Golden Fleece  more
The Pub once stood here. 127 Oldham Road next to railway bridge.
Photograph August 2012 On 1908 Map  Mentioned in the 1871 census
Nelson Arms
105 Oldham Road, Rochdale.
Once open here. On 1908 Map. Photo March 2014
Beer Seller J.H.Lucas (1908)
The Swan With Two Necks
Central Retail Park,12 Oldham Road, Rochdale
The Pub once stood here. Amost opposite the Eagle. Junction with Elbow Lane (now the foot path). It stood next door to 18 Oldham Road, a hairdressers owned by Joseph Ellis the father of John Ellis the Rochdale Hangman. Photograph Feb 2014.
Eagle Hotel
59 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 5QJ
Photograph August 2012. On 1908 Map. Pub open.
Dick Whittingtons
31 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 1UA
Formerly known as Oddfellows
Photograph January 2003. Pub now closed, open as a B&B accomodation
Cask and Feather
1 Oldham Road, Rochdale. OL16 1UA
Once known as The Junction then The Fusilers.
Photograph January 2003. Pub Open. Pub on 1908 map. Camera Pub
Real Ale. Best pint of all the pubs on this page

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