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The idea of this web site is to show places of historic interest in the centre of Rochdale with photographs. It is a brief summary of what there is to see but includes links to other web sites, which give more information and detail. If you use these links please remember to use your "back button" to return to this site.

More information can be obtained from "Touchstones" The Local Tourist Information Centre, Museum and Local Studies Centre.Address:

The Esplanade, Rochdale , OL16 1AQ
Tel: 864986 or 864928

Here I have found free street maps of Rochdale, which are helpful to follow this town centre walk.

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Toad Lane

If you park on the top of the Exchange shopping centre you will see this view of Toad Lane; the start of this town centre walk.

The Co-op buildings, the Old Rectory and St. Mary's Church.

The Co-op Buildings

The world's first Cooperative Society was established in Rochdale August 15 1844; founded by 28 men who were The Rochdale Pioneers.

St Mary's.

The original church was built in 1742 and the present building was consecrated in1911.

The rood screen is the finest in the Diocese depicting the twelve apostles. Very well worth seeing.

The round windows in the north isle were from the original church.

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St Mary's

 Rochdale Pioneers Museum

The Rochdale Pioneers Museum is open to the public Tues to Sat from 10.00am Sunday 2 to 4pm.

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Museum Link

Leaving Toad Land turn left into Hunters Lane. The Reed Inn is about 200 yards along Hunters Lane on the right.

The Reed Inn

The Reed Inn was used by the Halifax wool merchants around the end of the 18th century.

Take the passage to the left of the Reed Inn through to Yorkshire Street.

The passage from the Reed Inn to Yorkshire Street

Turn left into Yorkshire Street and continue until you reach St James Church

St James' Church

Consecrated in1821 as an Anglican Church. In 1975 it became a Ukrainian Catholic Church.

St James Place
Originally the site of the Socialist Institute established in 1838.
Before St James Place was built in the 1990s St James Tavern stood here.
Warehouse behind St James Place.
Delivered goods would be lifted to the top floor by the external hoist.

What would Health and Safety have to say about this system today?

Rochdale Trams.

The only visible section of track that carried the trams in Rochdale.

It can be seen just beyond St James Place across George Street.

Just beyond St James Place and before the section of Tram lines turn right into George Street

The Friends Burial Ground

Many of the Bright family are buried here

John Bright

Born in Rochdale and remembered especially for his part in the repeal of the Corn Laws.

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The grave of John Bright

Retrace your steps to the Top of Yorkshire Street and walk to the bottom of Yorkshire Street to the entrance to the
Exchange Shopping Centre.
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