Places of Historic Interest in Rochdale Town Centre
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The Old and the New.

In the backgroung the Old Co-op building, infront Lloyds Bank and the New Exchange Shopping Centre.

Union Flag Inn

The Rochdale Civic Society plaque on the wall of Lloyds Bank.

Lloyds Bank

Looking up you can see on Lloyds Bank the date of the original building, The Union Flag Inn. 1708.

The Old Market

In front of the Bank was the Former site of Rochdale Market.

Exchange Shopping Centre.

In front of the entrance to the Exchange Shopping centre this inscription is in the pavement.

Yates Wine Lodge

Built in 1745 as a family residence before becoming the Bluebell Inn. In 1911 it became Yates Wine Lodge

Looking up you can see a downspout showing the date 1745 and the initials, S S, of the Stead family who built the house.


The Back of Yates Wine Lodge in Newgate.

Opposite Lloyds Bank turn into Baillie Street. On the left in Baillie Street you will find Bull Brow Passage. Go down
the Passage and come out on The Butts with the Wellington Hotel in front of you.
Bull Brow

The passage from Baillie Street to the Butts. where bull baiting displays were held until 1820.

The Wellington Hotel

Originally a wool merchants house. Became a boarding school and in 1811 the Wellington Hotel. Recently a Club.

The walk now goes up Drake Street to the Weavers Cottages at the end of this page.
Co-op Building

Opened in 1922 by the Rochdale Pioneers as a Drapery Emporium.

Fashion Corner
Champness Hall

Opposite the Co-op Building at Fashion Corner.

Named after Thomas Champness ,1832-1905 a Methodist Minister.

Co-op Building

Opposite Wet Rake Gardens was the second branch store the Co-op opened.

Rochdale Canal

Behind the Co-op Store is ths building. The animals head shows it to be a Vetinary surgery. Horses used to pull the barges on the Rochdale Canal were treated here.

In Baron Street, at the back of the building, can be seen a horses head above the entrance.

For information about the Rochdale Canal please use this Link.

Newbold Buildings
Newbold Buildings

Newbold Buildings were originally built in 1877 by the Rochdale Conservative Coop before they accomodated the Newbold Friendly Society and the Crippled Childrens Union.

Weavers Cottages.

Just along the Milnrow Road from the Newbold Building are these weavers cottages with the typical loom windows on the top floor. There are many examples of weavers cottages in the area.

Cross the road in front of the Newbold Buildings with the Wet Rake Gardens on your right
and continue along Drake Street.

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