Places of Historic Interest in Rochdale Town Centre
The Navigation Inn

Opposite the Navigation Inn was the Rochdale Canal Basin, a short arm off the main canal.

The sign on the Navigation Inn

The nearest point to the Rochdale Canal is along the Oldham Road.This is where the Rochdale arm of the canal joins the main canal.This iunction is known as "The Port of Rochdale"

For more information about the Rochdale Canal please use this link:- Rochdale Canal

The original Warehouses on the Canal Basin.
Halfords now stands on the site of the Old Warehouses

Continue along Drake Street and turn left into Maclure Road. At the top of Maclure Road in front of the Railway Station
are St. Johns Church and the Fire Station
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

This is the original church built in 1829.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Built on the site of the original church in1924. The design was based on the church of Santa Sofia in Istanbul.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

The unique Mosaic over the Sanctuary was added 1229-31 by Italian Carftsmen. Well worth seeing.

Rochdale Fire Station

The greater Manchester Fire Service Museum which was opened in 1983 is housed here.

For more information please use this link:-
Fire Service Museum
Rochdale Fire Station

One of the many museum exhibits.

Retrace your steps down Maclure Road to Drake Street. Turn right and after a few yards turn left into Moore Street.
The Sunday School building is on the left.
Moore Street Sunday School

A Place of Worship for the Congregational Church. and Licenced for Marriages.

Continue down Moore Street to School Lane. St Chad's can be seen to the left.

St Chad's Church

The Parish Church of Rochdale. There has been a church on this site for more than 1,000 years.

For more information please use this link:-
St Chad,s
The Stocks

From 1688. They were last used to shackle Billy Pod in 1822.

The Grave of John Collier

Known as "Tim Bobbin" a dialect poet who died in 1786.

For more information please use this link:-
Tim Bobbin
Hamlet Nichoolson

Patentee and manufacturer of the Compound Cricket Ball

The Old Vicarage built in 1726, the Vicar then Samuel Dunster. The building is now used by Rochdale Business Bureau.


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