The Rochdale Canal

A photographic journey along the Rochdale Canal from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire. The photographs have been taken over the last twenty five years. During that time the 'Rochdale' has been transformed from an abandoned waterway to a canal that has been restored to full navigation.

From  Castleton to Rochdale

Castleton. Underneath the Manchester Road Bridge
Photo 2002 The Supermarket demolished and the Canal restored. (Note the Church Spire)
Photo 2002
Photo 2002.
Photo 2002 The Oldham to Manchester Road Bridge at Failsworth
Photo 1983
Chadderton Broadway. The Boat and Horses Public House with the Powerstation Cooling towers
before restoration of the Canal.
Photo 1983
Restoration and rerouteing of the canal at Chadderton Broadway with the building of the M60
Photo 2002
Foxdenton Lane. Hydraulic lift bridge. Similar to the Hydraulic bridge on the Forth and Clyde Canal near Kilmarnock.
Photo 2002
Bridge raised to allow boat to pass under the road.
Photo 1983. Walk Mill Lock before restoration
Once a Public House close to the Canal at Walk Mill Lock
The Railway Bridge known as the 'Iron Donger' whichcrosses the canal near Walk Mill Lock.
The Railway line was opened in 1840 only 36 years after the opening of the Rochdale Canal in 1804
Slattocks Lock and Lock House with the Pennine Hills in the distance.
Boats morred at Slattocks.
The Canal had to be rerouted here to pass under the M62.
The diagram opposite shows the old channel and the new channel with the new lock 53. Yhe old lock 53 no longer exists.
The old channel with the culvert under the M62.
The new lock 53.
The route of the new channel under the M62 makes use of an existing bridge which was once a farm track.
The Junction Inn on the Manchester Road in Castleton. At this point along the Rochdale Canal there was once a
branch of the canal to Heywood.
The route of the Heywood branch ran along the M62 for part of its length. Here the railwy line crosses
the old canal bridge and the M62
The Navigation Inn on the Manchester Road Heywood marks the end of the heywood branch of the canal.
The new bridge over the canal in the centre of Castleton.
The culvert at Castleton before restoration. On the left is the Blue Pits Inn named after the clay pits.which
supplied clay for the construction of the canal.

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